IT recyclers London provide free telephone and mobile phone recycling service cover the recycling of all telecommunications equipment including exchange boxes, data cabling and networking switches. Our technicians are fully qualified to remove, test and forward all equipment that is collected. IT Recycling London are experts in Cisco recycling , Nortel recycling , Nokia recycling , Dell recycling , Netgear recycling, 3com recycling, Avaya recycling and other branded manufactures of telecommunication equipment.

Our free mobile phone recycling service includes the free post bags Which allows for single phone donations. All mobile phones recived are checked and go through a stringent data destruction process; all data is wiped to the highest of standards, all our work is carried out in accordance with the data protection act. Our process of data removal involves multiple overwriting with CESG approved software and exceeds both the standards set by the Ministry of defence and US department of defence. Our software permanently wipes all data from any data storage device.